Energy Development and Transmission - June 12, 2014

Essential Elements for the Future of the San Joaquin Valley


The purpose of Energizing the Valley and Generating Jobs is to connect state and San Joaquin Valley leaders to identify and launch immediate energy-based climate change mitigation action steps and economic development in the San Joaquin Valley.


The objective is to leave the host venue with a to-do list and responsible parties.


Top Ten Trends

    Panel One: Fossil Fuels

  1. Create a valley-specific energy vision/focus to align producers, industry, education, government, end users
  2. Research agenda: Improve efficiency of today’s vehicles and de-carbonize natural gas and fuels for tomorrow
  3. Energy should be a core curriculum issue with K-12, CCCs, universities, adult education
  4. Panel Two: Renewable Fuels

  5. Increase use of anaerobic digesters/biogas from agricultural sources
  6. Streamline regulatory issues regarding renewable technologies
  7. Panel Three: Herding the Electrons

  8. Develop energy storage plan for California
  9. Engage WHCCD with emerging projects (e.g., BIODICO/Novus) to encourage education/training for scale-up
  10. Combined WHCCD/Cal Poly curriculum development and training/retraining (irrigation tech/energy)
  11. Panel Four: Energizing Employment

  12. Work with energy employers to create education/training programs that match future workforce needs
  13. Chart barriers, seek alternatives in order to leverage results

Premier Session Sponsors

Resnick Foundation
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Essential Elements is grateful for the continuing support and leadership of the following agencies:

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