Essential Elements 5

Powering Sustainable Economic Development for the San Joaquin Valley

Featuring statewide and regional leaders in candid and robust exchanges – and guidance from students, who have the most at stake


The San Joaquin Valley must comprehend, grab and advance accelerated change. Agribusiness – the leading SJV industry and historical adapters confronts ground shifting drastically. The weather, emerging technologies, regulatory realities, and more aware consumers. Logistics jobs are evolving, technology is digging a foothold, and energy may well energize employment. What are the region’s opportunities and challenges?


The objective is to gather agribusiness, technology, logistics executives, educators and nonprofits, elected and regulators to assess the SJV’s shifting ground and determine what can be done together now to recalibrate and grow the regional economy.

Day 1 - Applied Agriculture Technology

Applied agriculture technology is a rapidly growing source of innovation, food production and jobs. How can we quickly and continually leverage rapidly evolving agriculture technology for more graduate employment? Essential Elements 5ive aligned workforce development by connecting regional employers, educational providers, and public and private service providers engaged in various statewide initiatives already committed to doing this work.

The day culminated with our first hosted reception at the Farm of the Future. The reception featured leading-edge Farm of the Future student innovators and future directions of cutting-edge instructional programs, certifications, and applied ag technologies.

Day 2 - Slingshot

San Joaquin Valley leaders organized and acted on the Slingshot program, an unprecedented joint venture of 13 community colleges, state workforce development programs, schools and universities, labor, and the private sector.

Led by West Hills, a member of the Central Mother Lode Regional Consortium, Slingshot will accelerate workforce collaboratives to immediately use the new state and federal funding, state and national credentialing innovations, and Doing What Matters recommendations for next generation jobs.

Essential Elements

West Hills Community College District (WHCCD), in partnership with numerous agencies, continues its Essential Elements for the Future of the San Joaquin Valley, a premier public affairs series that gathers California’s public policy and private sector leaders to confront the crises and challenges in the Valley.

The intent of the series is to organize hands-on partnerships and create action steps for the future of the San Joaquin Valley while coping with climate change. Essential Elements will be held at Harris Ranch Inn and Conference Center. Each session will include guest speakers and panel discussions.

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